Why Us

We enable you to have more authentic conversations with your customers at the point of impact and so generate valuable insights for your immediate business use. 

We integrate our research ; into your customers’ lives

our agile work processes,fit with that of your organisation’s 

and our outputs with your stakeholders needs.

The Distilleries’ research software:

  • Allows Qual and Quant to be used separately or combined in one digital research platform
  • Is incredibly fast and easy to set up, use and analyse
  • Captures decisions, influences and actions 
  • Captures authentic feedback in the respondent’s own environment
  • Allows customers to participate at a time and place convenient to them, overcoming issues of geography
  • Allows sessions to last days or even weeks – so we can assess on-going relationships, and revisit issues or products
  • Encourages participant engagement through a range of easy to use, interactive techniques
  • Combines our online work with traditional offline techniques

Allows us to always research in context using the right technique for the right situation